Tree is the magic number!

TreeHugOne of the most stupid things one can do is to hug a tree,
but if you think that such a thing is stupid,
than you must not hug one, nor two, hug three!

You don’t need to stay long,
it doesn’t have to be tight
whatever way you do it, it’s wrong
so don’t try to do it right.

you think you’re a tree? You’re not.
At least not until you are
but how can you think you’re free
it’s such a simple thing but you don’t dare?

Do as you wish, I don’t really care
I’m not trying to be a good soul
I aim to live better, not to be fair
hug a fucking tree, whatever is your goal

Choose a comfortable one
not those with rough skin
roughness may kill the fun
and great may become mean

Enough about this business
do whatever you want with your life
not everyone can achieve greatness
you don’t need to make a tree your wife

but you can marry a bonsai
or take a plant to a dinner
at least before you die
make a rose feel like a winner

Offer her a bit of dirt,
if you can’t buy her enough land
a bit of water to increase the flirt
and why not take her by the hand

by the way, just one warning
leave the trees intact, don’t be a dick
if it’s tough love your yearning,
whip a human, they’re less thick

and don’t be to weird about this
hugging trees is misunderstood
and though it may be a bliss
you can end up lost in the wood

I’m not saying it because i’m in the loony bin
it’s a very nice place, with a very big tree
and though it’s not the best i’ve ever seen
it’s just enough for me to feel free

no words can describe the feeling,
that’s all I can truly say
in this there’s no winning,
no point doing an essay

just touch a tree and close you eyes,
i’ve long exceeded my goodbyes.

Obrigado! Volta sempre que puderes! É bom saber de ti!

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